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high five One thing that we can all agree on, our dog's environment and health can affect their behavior a great deal! As a local training company, we are able to offer a selection of high quality food and games that will help keep you and your companions happy all year round. The keys to a happy, healthy dog? Appropriate diet, physical, and mental stimulation. Stop on in, friendly dog in tow, and come see what you can do to help your pup thrive.

Here's a short list of some of the benefits our retail products offer:

  • Allergy solutions
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Eliminate boredom
  • Achieve loose leash walking
  • Eliminate inappropriate chewing
  • Reduce fear
  • Safe, human grade ingredients
  • Safe and effective supplements
  • Housetraining aids
  • Games and aids for children and their companions


pup at the table When we don't feel well, it is often reflected in how we behave. Our dogs are no different. If your dogs are experiencing allergies, weight gain, periodic digestive upsets, or are no longer enjoying their food, there are things you can do that might help! We carry high-quality food, manufactured in the United States, owned by companies committed to quality assurance, to ensure that you are feeding your pup the very best. Come on in, and dare to compare!




DogA tired dog is a good dog. Every dog has different needs for exercise, and while some of us are lucky enough to have born couch potatoes the rest of us need to find ways of lowering our dog's energy level! Come in and talk with our trainers about techniques to exercise your dog in ways both of you will enjoy.



DogOften it can be just as fun to watch the learning process as it is to actively work with your dogs using luring, shaping, and cueing. We offer a variety of dog games, designed to stimulate your dog's desire to search and seek food. Just how clever can your dog be?






Dog play bowEvery dog needs playtime! If we do not actively find cooperative games that our dogs enjoy, they find clever ways of their own to get our attention. Let our trainers help you and your pup find new games to play together, helping build drive and desire to be with their favorite person . . . YOU!



looking for something?

Have a special request? Looking for a certain item? Have a suggestion for products that will help enhance other's lives with their companions? Let us know! We also offer gift certificates for those special pups and people in your life.




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Last updated: 12/16/2016