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Looking for an activity for your dogs while you are at work? NCD is now offering doggie day school. Like any good school, each day is balanced around play, learning, and times of rest. A different kind of doggy day care, designed for the discerning dog looking for something more than the average daycare offers. Our school is designed to appropriately socialize and teach your dog without leading to the over-arousal and excitement that can sometimes happen when dogs play too much. Each enrolled pup has his own dedicated teacher, to ensure that they are learning all they can!

Why choose day school?

  • Busy at work? No worries, your puppy is enjoying time at work as well!
  • Staff trained in reading body language and reinforcement techniques to modify behavior
  • Intimate groups: 5 pups for every trainer
  • Too busy to train your pup? Let us help your pup learn appropriate behaviors and common cues
  • A tired dog, ready to relax with you after a busy day
  • Playgroups separated according to temperament and play styles
  • Interactions to enhance appropriate social and emotional development
  • Training games to enhance cognitive development
  • Activities designed to aid in physical development


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While your dog is with us during the day, you can be confident that they are being treated with the same care and respect you have come to expect from our trainers during both our group and private training sessions. We do not use aversives throughout the day, and work with modifying inappropriate behavior using the methods you have come to trust from our professional staff. Each pup has a curriculum designed using techniques and games that are appropriate for their needs, and will enjoy their day at doggy day school!


DogEach day comes packed full of great activities for a curious pup. Our teachers schedule your pup's day around mental games, training games, tricks, and proofing your cues in the face of a variety of distractions. Prior to joining our school, an introductory meeting is scheduled so we can meet you and your pup and evaluate your individual needs. After the evaluation, a training plan will be made for your pup's time at doggy day school. At the end of the day, you and your pup will go home with a report card of the day's activities.




DogNo day is complete without scheduled recess! Your dog's playtime will vary each day, and will consist of either play with appropriate playmates or a rousing play session with his teachers. Care is taken during play to keep pups appropriately excited, without over arousal. Like our learning sessions, play sessions are designed to best fit your pup and her needs for the day.



Dog restSchool can be exhausting! To prevent injury and crankiness, each pup will have scheduled periods of down time to relax, chill, and watch his schoolmates learn.




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COST: $40/day, $25/half-day

PACK FOR THE DAY: Your pup's dog bed or blanket and a snack for the day. Your pup's regular lead and flat collar will be used for training sessions during the day. We will provide training treats, toys, and love!

GOING HOME: When you pick-up your dog, plan on spending a few minutes talking over the day with your pup's teacher. You will receive a report card, and if you have any questions the trainer will demonstrate what was learned during the day.


Give us a call to set up your initial evaluation and get your pup started today! If you are already a current client with us, no evaluation needed. Please reserve your spot with 12hrs advance notice, so we can be sure to accommodate you. 216-221-3647

Not able to drop off your pup? We also offer a pet taxi service with Wags 'n Purrs Petsitting for $10. Send us an email for more information!

Last updated: 12/16/2016